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- Abdominoplasty
- Breast Augmentation
- Breast Contouring with vertical
- Ananda Rishikesh
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- Parkhyatt Resort
- Rajvilas

Breast Augmentation

• > 80% women with breast implants said that the surgery boosted their confidence and self esteem in a big way.
• Nearly all women (92%) who received implants thought the surgery improved their overall appearance and majority felt that it did improve their sexual life.
• Scientific studies have also proven the safety of the new generation of silicone implants. They don’t cause cancer or any other serious medical disorders.

Case study: Breast augmentation

• Nicky has always been conscious of her small breasts. She spoke to two of her friends who had had breast implants and also did her homework on the net before coming to us.
• Nicky once told me in the clinic that the implants boosted much more than her breasts!

Case study: Breast Augmentation

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