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Scarless Facelift

• Face is the mobile showcase of us and it is no wonder that minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures have become extremely popular these days. One of the most exciting developments in this field has been the threadlift for the face.
• Contour Threadlift™ involves insertion of 'barbed' surgical threads beneath the skin using needles, therefore eliminating the scars and the risks of open facelift surgery. The barbs are almost invisible to the naked eye but once they are inserted, they open in an umbrella fashion creating a firm hold on the deep tissues. As of 2005, the Contour Threads™ are the only non-absorbable barbed suture cleared by the FDA for the elevation and fixation of midface, brow and neck areas.
• Dr Sunil Choudhary was the first Plastic surgeon to perform this procedure in India. This was covered as an exclusive story in India today( ‘A new lift to Facelift’, April17, 2006) with before and after threadlift of his patients.

Casestudy: Scarless Facelift (Threadlift)

• Lady is 59yrs old but fit as a fiddle and energy levels to match a teenager any day!
• She decided that she didn’t want to look older than what she feels and her Husband fully supported in her decision. In fact He gifted the surgery to her as their anniversary gift.
• Lady underwent scarless facelift and she is truly transformed in every sense. Not only does she look youthful, she also has become a more cheerful person.

Casestudy: Scarless Facelift (Threadlift)

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