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- Knee Replacement
- Hip Replacement
- Scarless Facelift
- Rhinoplasty
- Blepharoplasty
- Botulinum Toxin
- Liposuction
- Abdominoplasty
- Breast Augmentation
- Breast Contouring with vertical
- Ananda Rishikesh
- Coconut Lagoon
- Devigarh Resort
- Marari Beachresort
- Parkhyatt Resort
- Rajvilas

Why India?

Why Choose Medical Trip India for your Medical Treatments ?

First, let us introduce you to the concept of medical tourism and explain in short what you could expect from becoming an "international patient", or medical tourist to India.

Basically, everything comes from that single, simple statement: we live in the 'personal' age. As we move from central power to personal power, you can decentralize everything: computing, knowledge, energy production, manufacturing and health care etc.

That's why more and more people are temporarily leaving their "first world" country - where the costs of cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, eye surgery, etc. have become too expensive - to be cured abroad, in comparatively in developing countries such as India, with nonetheless high-level medical teams but with much lower prices as compared to western or developed nations health care.

Healthcare has become a global concern. In a competitive global market where information is shared instantly, consumers have all the knowledge and choices at their disposal. The internet enables would be patient's to seek out the best medical service providers, or to find out specialist medical care hospital / clinic.

For many people thorough the world, medical tourism is still a totally new concept, and for the others, they were used, until recently, to prepare themselves for their medical care trip and find themselves their doctor and hospital outside their country of residence. For most patients, initial fears about language difficulties and the logistics of traveling overseas are allayed by linking up with a medical service providing company experienced in putting health trips together that is where Medical Trip India comes in picture and it closely works as a bridge in between specialists medical consultants, hospitals of repute and a potential international patient wishing to come to India for his / her medical treatment in any specialized field currently available in India at a much cheaper cost compared to back home and with almost no waiting list to seek his / her medical health treatment.

Medical Trip India offers world class medical procedures with first class recuperative medical holiday packages to create a truly unique and affordable health + vacation experience complete with medical trip planning, service apartment booking, other amenities. While medical surgeons, hospitals and hotels are carefully chosen for their expertise, reputation and quality of services,

Each medical patient's needs are different, so we adopt a completely personalized approach while replying to each medical enquiry received at Medical Trips India. We work extremely closely with each individual client, providing tailor-made packages to address their unique needs and, at the same time, we guarantee their personal safety and privacy.

Our unique positioning as a World Class Tourism company also offer a range of conveniently located accommodation to suit all pockets Our range of accommodations are at a close proximity of the Hospitals and range from 5 star to serviced apartments.

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